• 1866   Wilhelm Buchholz founds the comb factory "Buchholz & Co."
  • 1950   Mr. Karl Bock acquires our current company premises
  • 1977   Karl-Heinz Bock joins the company
  • 1981   Expansion of the production department by a new building of 1.300m²
  • 1986   Further expansion of the production department by 1.100 m²
  • 1996   Company Bock qualifies according to ISO 9001
  • 2000   Inauguration of the new high-bay warehouse and dispatch building of 1.200 m²
  • 2002   Introduction of ERP and PPS system with control station
  • 2007   Entry into 2-components-technology
  • 2007   Company Bock qualifies according to EMAS
  • 2010   First use of electric injection moulding machines
  • 2013   Mr Felix von Möller takes over the company
  • 2014   Investment in 2-components-technology, toolmaking and machinery
  • 2016   150 years innovation from the Black Forest

System FIX

The pricing system Fix counts to the most widespread pricings on the market. It is a pricing system which may be handled easily. 

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System Compact

Only separate digit components with relief digits, which may be put together, are making this brilliant price tag which is easy to handle.                       

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System Brillant is "THE" exclusive price tag of the sophisticated shopping arcade, the luxury businesses, and the shopping mall of the haute couture as well as of the fashion boutiques with the latest fashion trends.

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Sales tools

Bock develops and distributes many useful aids in terms of stand, holders, put-up hinges, universal supports and display supports

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Production data acquisition and production planning system with control station guarantee the execution

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Application sample

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