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Your manufacturer for pricing systems and sales tools

With our pricing systems Fix, Compact and Brillant Bock-DECO has succeeded in covering demands for pricing systems for a very big user area of almost every sector. Starting from the price labelling for pharmacies to pet shops, our customers are finding the price tag that fits to their shop window and shop display. With the plugable pricing systems it is possible for customers to gain quickly and easily a clear price labelling of high quality.

System FIX

The pricing system Fix counts to the most widespread pricings on the market. It is a pricing system which may be handled easily. 

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System Compact

Only separate digit components with relief digits, which may be put together, are making this brilliant price tag which is easy to handle.                       

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System Brillant is "THE" exclusive price tag of the sophisticated shopping arcade, the luxury businesses, and the shopping mall of the haute couture as well as of the fashion boutiques with the latest fashion trends.

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Sales tools

Bock develops and distributes many useful aids in terms of stand, holders, put-up hinges, universal supports and display supports

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Production data acquisition and production planning system with control station guarantee the execution

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Application sample

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Precision is our passion

Accompanied by demanding customers, our famiy business has worked for a persuasive position on the market.

Karl Bock GmbH - Energiebewusstes Unternehmen

Since 1946 everything is about plastics at company Bock GmbH & Co. KG. Our highly motivated employee base collecting a huge know-how, develop and produces plastic-adjusted injection moulded and composite parts up to a shot weight of 600 grams.

Printing, stamping, welding: the refinement of plastic pieces as well as the assembly of entire components completes the product range of Bock which makes us to a popular partner in injection moulding.


We are involved in the following associations and institutions:


You are looking for a supplier for plastic technical parts of high quality?

Then you are exactly right with Bock-1866. To give you an overview of our services please visit us on www.bock-1866.com.

Are you dressing shop windows? Are putting on price tags?

If you have to put on price tags and you look for a suitable pricing system or decoration support and sales support, Bock-DECO offers you a diversity of helpful articles. Visit us on www.bock-deko.de
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